Ducar Block Re-sleeved

Ducar block Re-sleeved to fit a 3'' piston.




New and Improved Air Filter Adapter for GX200 / Clone Engines from ARC (height 1.365")
*Meets AKRA/WKA Box Stock and BP rules for air filter adapter.

*Testing shows a marked increase in air flow and peformance gains.



2.77 domed piston
4.90 wrist pin
620 compression height

$ 150.00


Advantage Pipe - $65.00
This tig welded high flowing pipe is ceramic coated. Get an advantage!


3'' piston rings and wrist pin - $235.00
Comes with piston rings, wrist pin, and ARC long rod.


Angled Air Filter - $10.00


Carb Adaptor

Carb adapters Air Filter adaptor, Adaptor Engine to Carb,
Thick Gasket ( 2.00mm), Choke Lock, and small bolt for choke lock
Complete Kit - $11.75


Fuel Pump - $15.00


Top Plate for Clone (with throttle lever)- $20.00


Chain Guard - $19.50