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Complete IONIC Edge Chassis


We’ve built our company around this chassis and years of hard work and development are now paying off.

The IONIC Edge is one of the hottest chassis in 4-cycle sprint kart racing. This chassis is a prime choice for Briggs & Stratton LO206 and Animal sprint kart racing. Racers and teams around the country are learning why Luttrell Racing prides itself on the success of the Edge.

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The kart in this photo includes the following upgrades: Weld-on seat struts, Super-soft 1.25″ axle, CIK body kit, Graphics kit.
Standard features:

• CNC bent and notched tubing finished up with clean tight TIG welds
• Straight Rail
• Black Nitride Finish
• Stainless steel floor pan
• Custom Adjustable Pedals
• MCP brakes
• Adjustable front end with independent caster and camber adjustments

• 1 1/4″ axle (.25 wall)
• Motor mount
• Toe lock
• Sprocket hub
• Brake hub
• 5/8″ spindles
• Short hubs

Chassis Type *

Motor Mount *

Powder Coat Color *

Bodywork / Graphics *

Axle *

Ceramic Hybrid Axle Bearings

52100 Steel Races,  Si3N4 Ceramic Balls, Polymide Cage,  Rubber Seals,  C3 Clearance, P6 Precision. See photo.

Upgraded Bearing Cassettes *

Low Profile Seat

This uniquely shaped clear high back fiberglass seat allows the seat to lay futher back without running into the rules issues with shorter seats. Great for tall drivers looking to get their CG down in the kart!

Low Profile Seat Reinforcement Washer Set

3.5mm thick (20% less than a conical) Large 60mm O.D. Flat Surface (no painful pressure point). Reinforces the Seat (reduces cross-hole cracking). LPSMW-KIT. Inner and Outer Washer, plus Spacer, Plus M5/M8 Installation Kit . See Photo.

Welded Seat Strut

Righetti Plastic 9 Liter Quick Release Fuel Tank

Measures – 11 1/2″ tall x 10″ long x 9″ width
One connection for fuel pick up.
One connection for fuel vent or return.
See photo.

Van-K Wheels